almost 7 years ago

Logdown is a 24hr Hackathon project created by xdite, zhusee, tonilin, chitsaou.

As a Dev blogger, pasting code on Worpdress is always a pain in the ass. After researching tons of solutions, I decide to switched to self-hosted Octopress as blogging platform

But Octopress is not ultimate anwser of the question. Because it still has issues: for example the workflow is use Markdown editor write offline, them compile and push. It is OK at the beginning, but it became annonying sometimes, .We still wish for an ONLINE edtior.

Installing Octopress is also diffcult for some people, espcially they are Windows user or non-technical person.

These reasons make us to develop Logdown.

Logdown has:

Elegant interface

Interface is inspire from After trial and error, we think this is the BEST interface for Markdown blogging.

Support Github Flavored Markdown

Supoort Github Flavored Markdown and Preview!!

Meta Settings

Supoort <!--more-->

Support Tagging

Supoort Dirty detect ( incase accidentally leaving withoug save )

Beautiful built-in theme

disqus integration

support Facebook Opengrah



We hope Logdown can be the SOLUTION of blogging with Markdown. We are planning release more features in thex folling weeks. Such as subdomain, wordpress / octopress import / image upload ...

Plese give us some feedbacks, thanks!

Logdown now support subdomain →
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