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It's a exciting weekend. Since Logdown launched two weeks ago. We got a lot of positive feedbacks.

This week, we are releasing more features and Beta Plan:


Custom Domain ( Beta / Preinum required )

Octopres Import ( Beta required )

You can archive you Octopress blog to a zip, and import to Logdown painlessly. We are testing Wordpress Importing and MovableType Importing and plan to release next week.

Custom Handle & Custom URL

We support Octopress-style URL.

Combine Custom Domain, Octopres Import and Custom Handle & Custom URL, no you can move your blog to Logdown with ease.

File Uploader ( Beta / Preinum required )

We also shiped File Uploader this week. Now Logdown are supporting File drag & drop upload, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook Photo, Picasa, Dropbox Upload!!!! (and more...)

Beta plain will be 100 mb, Prenium Plan is 10GB.

Download post as raw Markdown

If you only liked our editor, it's fine. We also support writting at Logdown ,then published in Octopress. But it would be nice if you consider stick on Logdown.


If you hate Logdown some day and want move back to Octopress. We also support exporting(email zip).

We are supporting Octopress markdown zip for now, but we expect releaase MovableType Exporting in next few week.

more syntax ( Especially for Hacker and Scienist )

Octopress Style Code Block ...

Yes, we support Octopress-style code block, it will have Caption

  ``` css common.css.scss
     @import "reset";

Octopress old syntax

We are only porting {% codeblock %} & {% img %} for now,we will support {% gist %} next week. Stay tuned!

Latex Support

Yes. We do support Latex, it's insane, but it's true. You can show Latex by adding mathjax tag, and see preivew in editor!!!

Follwing plans:Beta & Preinum Plan

These two weeks we recieve a lot posstive feebacks and support. So we decide to treat Logdown as a serious product, not just post-hackathon pet project.

We are planning to release Logdown as a SAAS. Th Preinum Plan will be 49 USD / year。To thanks the beta users, if you signup as beta user before Augest 31, 2013. You can upgrade Preinum Plan with 24.95 USD.

These features we just annoncued, you can use them by start upgrading to Beta in the Plan panel.

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