over 9 years ago

Hi, Thanks everyone who trying Logdown in these past two months.

Logdown have Premium plan ( $49.99 USD /yr , ~$4.2 USD /month) now.

With Premium plan, you can get custom domains, multi blogs / collaborators, almost unlimited photo uploading, 24/7 supports and among other new features.

We are working hard to deliver more and more features. This month we have shipped 6+ beautiful themes , and continue to make more.

In order to thank our early users, we decide to give you half price discount.

By upgrading to Beta Plan, you can continue upgrading to "Premium plan" with half price (which is $24.95 USD/year, ~$2.1 USD/month).

The Beta plan will sunset at 9/13, besure to upgrade you account as soon as possible.


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