almost 7 years ago

Hey there,

We are proud annoncing we have beta plan!

The Logdown beta plan including serveral major features, such as "Custom domain", "Octopress importing"...the stuff you will like.

Be sure to upgrade your membership by going Plan page.

Upgrade to Beta


Custom domain & Octopress style link

custom domain

Import from Octopress



Octopress code block with caption

We also support some of octopress syntax. such as octopress-style codeblock.

   ``` scss common.css
     @impot "reset";

octopress code block

We are planning ship more

Some friends ask for some interesting features. such as Latex Support, Wordpress Importing.... Actually they are good ideas, and we are activetly implement and testing it.

We will notify you when it's ready. Thanks for supporting us!

Be sure follow us on Twitter to get latest news of Logdown.

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