almost 5 years ago

We recently suffered from asset pipeline performance issues. In order to boost deploying, we decide to switch to capistrano-local-precompile strategy.

However, local asset compiling in Rails 4 is blazing fast, but in Rails 3 is not.

And much nightmare is if we can skip compiling prcoess if assets weren't changed when we compiling at remote, but we need to compile asset everytime if we choose to compile locally.

So we comes out this crazy idea: How about running Rails 4 asset pipeline in Rails 3 project.

Here is how:

1. modify Gemfile

group :assets do
  gem 'sprockets', '2.2.2.backport2'
  gem 'sprockets-rails', :require => 'sprockets/railtie', :git => ""

  gem 'sass-rails',   '~> 4.0.1', :git => ""
  gem "compass-rails", "~> 1.1.2", :git => ""
  gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 3.2.1'

  gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.0.3'

2. edit config/enviorments/production.rb

  # Disable Rails's static asset server (Apache or nginx will already do this)

  config.serve_static_assets = true

  # Compress JavaScripts and CSS

  config.assets.compress = true

  # Generate digests for assets URLs

  config.assets.digest = true
  config.assets.js_compressor = :uglifier
  config.assets.css_compressor = :sass

3. change config/deploy.rb

You should install capistrano-local-precompile first, and override precompile command. It's d because the precompile machism in different versions are different.

set :precompile_cmd, "bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets assets:precompile"

Behinde the scene

Basically we are doing serveral things:

  1. make sprockets-rails edge running with sprockets 2.2
  2. make sass-rails edge running under rails 3
  3. make compass-rails edge running with rails 4 strategy

to resolve asset_paths, SASS resolver issue...etc.


Before doing this, make sure you really understand what your are doing. And it exists many different between sprockets 1 & 2.

about 5 years ago

Recently, we implement a major features in CodeMirror while building Logdown editors.

That's Codemirror Composition Mod.

The original problem in CodeMirror is when users are using IME to input CJK words in edit area, people can't rechoose the word due to keyboard event.

Our team solve this issue by using Composition Event API to bypass keyboard event. If you are interested in implementation detail. Here is the article : 用 Composition Event 改進 CodeMirror 對輸入法的支援


Demo: Logdown editors.

over 5 years ago

Hi, Thanks everyone who trying Logdown in these past two months.

Logdown have Premium plan ( $49.99 USD /yr , ~$4.2 USD /month) now.

With Premium plan, you can get custom domains, multi blogs / collaborators, almost unlimited photo uploading, 24/7 supports and among other new features.

We are working hard to deliver more and more features. This month we have shipped 6+ beautiful themes , and continue to make more.

In order to thank our early users, we decide to give you half price discount.

By upgrading to Beta Plan, you can continue upgrading to "Premium plan" with half price (which is $24.95 USD/year, ~$2.1 USD/month).

The Beta plan will sunset at 9/13, besure to upgrade you account as soon as possible.


over 5 years ago

Hi, everyone

We are proud to announce Logdown has Custome Themes !!

You can enable this feature from Blog > Settings > Themes

Currently Logdown has three pre-configed themes, and we are also provide Custom HTML option.

We will release more themes next follwing weeks. Stay tuned!

API Documents

API documents are aviable at

Submit your theme

Our theme repo is at .

If you want to submit a new theme, please fork this repo and submit a pull request. After reviewing thme source codes, we will merge them as soon as possible!

Thanks for your support!

If you hit any problems, please don't hesitate to tell us.

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over 5 years ago

Tired of default Logdown logo ?

Logdown now support Custom Opengraph Image for each blog. Just go to Blog > Settings to change your default image.

Then you can past blog link on Facebook with your own og:image

over 5 years ago

Hi, we are happy to announce Logdown has more than 300+ themes. ( Blog background )

You can enable this feature from Blog > Settings > Themes

If you hit any problems, please don't hesitate to tell us.

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over 5 years ago

Hello, Xanga Users!

We now support importing from Xanga.

Step1 : export

Just go your archives page on Xanga, and download

Step2 : Import to Logdown

And go to your blog importing page, choose Wordpress to import.

Everything will be all set.

If you hit any problems, please don't hesitate to tell us.

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over 5 years ago

This week, we also enable several features to get better SEO: Sitemap & Site Verification

Sitemap now will display your sitemap url. And the sitemap will be updated every 12 hours.

# See for documentation on how to use the robots.txt file
# To ban all spiders from the entire site uncomment the next two lines:
# User-Agent: *
# Disallow: /


Support Google Webmaster Tool

If you want to install Google Webmaster to diagnose you blog, we also provide google site verification.

This option is at Your Blog >> Setting

If you hit any problems, please don't hesitate to tell us.

over 5 years ago

We are very proud to announce these two powerful features

Multiple blog

You can create more than one blog in Logdown. Free user can have 2, Beta have 5, and Premium have 7

Location: Settings >> Blog >> New Blog


Logdown also allows multple collaborators, you can ask friends to join you blog :)

Location : Your Blog >> Collaborators


over 5 years ago

This week, we are releasing "Blogger Importing" feature

Please go to Your Blog >> Settings >> Importers to try out.

If you hit any problems, please don't hesitate to tell us.

Thanks for your supporting.